About Teespoon

Oh honey...

You are fashion forward and unique in a world of copies. How much time and money are you investing in your personally curated wardrobe? Probably as much as I have, thousands, and that's why I started Teespoon Boutique. Teespoon offers perfect one-of-a-kind bags that tells YOUR STORY.

Each Teespoon Boutique handbag is handmade and one-of-a-kind, there is no one like you and no bag like your bag. Each piece is authentically unique and tells it’s own story.

Influenced by the culture of Senegal, Teespoon unifies both form and function through its traditional African design aesthetics and practical functionality. Each piece is designed and crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  

Every Teespoon item is manufactured locally, collaborating with the most talented local artisans. We believe in making a connection between social consciousness and quality products. We do so by exposing handcrafted products to an international market, and providing consumers with the opportunity to be informed buyers that contribute to properly compensating talented artisans.

Teneasha oversees the entire creative process from start to finish, ensuring the ethical, traceable, and authentic development of each individual design.


About Founder

Teneasha Pierson, founder and creative director of Teespoon Boutique was born with an eye for fashion and a love for traveling. She has always believed in the importance of presentation and takes every opportunity to share her story through what she wears and how she adorns her life. In 2012, Teneasha joined the Peace Corps and served in Kenya for two years before extending to continue her international work with the Peace Corps’ continent wide malaria initiative in Senegal.

Having always felt most at home in local markets and rural communities, moving to Senegal was incredibly influential in Teespoon’s design roots and conception. Falling instantly in love with the bright prints and traditional African beading in Kenya, Teneasha knew she wanted to begin her global trendsetting boutique in Africa.

“I love when I can help people feel more beautiful and more confident through the items they wear.  I love hearing people’s stories, and helping them express themselves through fashion.”  - Tee